Custom Bark Balls: Wholesale

Why should you be Interested in Custom Bark Balls? 

Showcase your Brand, Create an Exclusive Design, & Appeal to your Loyal Customers





Custom Dog Balls For Your Store 

Custom Bark Balls set your business apart from the rest! Increase customer retention, brand awareness, and boost sales by customizing your dog balls. Every time your customers play fetch, they will be reminded of your unique store! In addition to the marketing potential, Bark Balls are the safest, most durable, and bounciest balls on the shelf!




Create an Exclusive Design

Our logo design team will work with you to take your logo from paper to rubber. We will work together to find a design that fits your company's needs; whether that be your logo, name, address, phone number, or all of the above. Bark Balls are perfect for advertising your services to the whole (dog) park!


To Submit a Design Request: Email

Showcase Your Brand

Why would you have your customers play fetch with any other brand than your own? Your store is your brand, and your brand deserves to be recognized. The correct marketing tactics not only creates new customers, but keeps your loyal customers coming back. By Showcasing your Brand you are setting your store apart from the rest. 

Appeal to Your Loyal Customers

Looking for a unique way to engage your clients, fans, or customers? Look no further! Customized Bark Balls are an unique way of boosting client retention and loyalty. Bark Balls also make perfect thank you, holiday, and birthday gifts for loyal customers! Now is the time to appeal to your fur-parent audience!

 Email Madeline at to schedule a design call!