the Story

the Founder

Madeline Lewis has adored dogs ever since she can remember. After college, she adopted a dog of her own and would take him to the dog park everyday. She found that the park was full of small pieces of tennis balls: the dogs would rip into the balls after a game of fetch and destroy the hollow rubber shell. After seeing her pup coughing up a piece of tennis ball, she realized how close he came to choking on this piece of rubber. This bothered Madeline so much she set out to create a ball that would eliminate this problem. Madeline decided to create a dog ball that is solid, to stand durable against tough chewers. This dog ball would be made up of a proprietary blend of rubber; a unique blend with the give and grippiness to support jaw and tooth health without compromising its strength. A dog ball that was customizable: to not only add personalization, but to distinguish it from the rest of the balls at the dog park. Madeline created the Bark Ball. 


the Purpose 

In the heart of Go Bark Ball lies philanthropy; we care about the health and safety of your dog. Go Bark Ball has made it our priority to educate pet owners on safe dog products. Between rawhide, small pieces of tennis balls, squeakers, and tough materials, there is a lot to remember to keep your dog safe. To make it easier, we have partnered with Play or Stay Away, a dog choking hazard awareness community to educate pet owners on this epidemic. To visit our partner, click here, and find more information on how to choose a safe toy, and what to steer away from.


the Technology behind the Ball