Have you ever left the house knowing you forgot something important?

For example, cellphone? Yes.

Dog? Never.

We totally understand the conflict of possibly leaving your dog at home while you take a well
deserved vacation, so we made the decision a little easier for you by looking up pet-friendly
destinations so you AND your furry friend can relax.




If you are a person that can’t escape the city, you have to check out a Kimpton Hotel or Loews. Kimpton Hotels allow any dog of any size or breed with no additional inconvenience fees (we know, these should be reinforced more for people).The Kimpton Hotel compensates you with all the doggy essentials like a bed, water, and treats not only in your suite, but throughout the entire hotel! The best part, they have a concierge that is familiar with the best dog-friendly attractions in that area.

The Loews goes all out for their four legged friends with an in-house chef menu foronly the most exquisite doggo gourmet meals, surf competitions, and dog spa at select locations for those ruff travel days that took a toll on them.

Doggy day camp is the perfect solution if you and your companion love to be outdoors. Dog
camps are offered year round, but are naturally recommended for the summer months because of the ample of activities offered. These camps also may offer beneficial classes like obedience and specialty training. If this sounds like something for you, we suggest you check out Camp Unleashed and Camp Gone to the Dogs. Your dog will surely thank you, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to bring their dog to summer camp?

Cruises are super popular for people looking for something all inclusive, but now you don’t have to worry about doggy daycare while you’re gone! Cunard Cruise Line allows dogs to join in on all the fun. You’ll receive all the comfort of knowing your dog is safe and well kept the entire time, but without all of the responsibility! Your dog is greeted with a goodie bag and a name tag, and are brought to a designated area on the ship where the dogs are kept. Although your dog isn't allowed to stay in the room with you, you are able to have playtime each day as you please. The crew members are trained to take the best care of your furry family member while providing them with feeding time, lots and lots of walks, and playtime!

So, which one sounds most appealing to you? If you’re looking for a few more ideas, then
don’t forget to check out our friends article over at flipflopdogs.com for more!!!

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