The Benefit of Dog Toys 

The fix to bad breath, fat doggos, and torn up couch cushions. 



As a doggo mom or pup, it’s super important your fur baby is showered with as many
toys as possible, but do you know there are more benefits to dogs playing with toys than just to keep them amused? Let’s talk about what some of these include--like, you guessed it, the Bark Ball!

The first and most obvious reason most companies create and distribute dog toys is for exercise. It’s essential for dogs to get at least thirty minutes of active exercise a day to keep them happy & healthy; games like fetch are just one way to keep play time interesting for both sides.

We know you know that without exercise, your doggo is prone to obesity (just like humans).  But did you know that obesity increases a dog's likelihood of developing diabetes, puts a strain on his/her muscles, organs, and bone joints?

Aside from your doggo's physicality, we know that you are concerned about the status of your dog’s dental health. Paws up if you have ever thought "Dear lawd you need a breath mint", when your dog went in for a slobbery lick.

For many small breeds, it is easy to develop infections and bad breath. Brushing your dog’s teeth can most of the time can be a hassle, and hygienic based treats sometimes aren’t your dog’s favorite... ("STAY STILL"). Surgical cleanings? No thank you. These are particularly difficult because it costs a boat load, and involves putting your dog under anesthesia (which is pretty sad for your pup and worse to witness). However, many toys can contribute to helping clean your dog's
teeth along with keeping them well rounded. Toys like, hey what do you know, the Bark Ball encourages chewing! Chewing stimulates a dog’s saliva, which gets rid of plaque and that STANKY breath. 

Despite being domesticated, it is very easy for dogs to become “bored.” And when your dog is bored, things get destroyed.  Toys ensure that dogs stay stimulated in a way that saves your couch cushions!  When you combine playtime and exercise, it
makes it easy for even the most hard-to-handle doggo to relax (yay for nap cuddles)! 

But do you know the best part of playtime? Bonding with your furry best friend.
By nature, dogs need interaction to feel accepted; playing
with your dog's toys with him or her can help reinforce your already
loving bond. 


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  • You got my attention when you said that dog toys can help them to have the exercise that they need because dogs that don’t exercise can suffer from obesity. My dog is gaining weight so fast, and I don’t want him to suffer from heart issues because of too much weight. I will make sure to buy him some toys and some sort of antler dog chews that he can regularly use.

    Ellen H.
  • Great article. I have too written an article on same topic. You can check it here

    Jaspreet Singh

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