As the warmer months start sneaking our way, we start thinking about the UV rays! Most of us won't think twice about spraying some protectant on us, but what about our floofers? Believe it or not, your doggo needs sunscreen too! Just like us, dogs can get burnt from too much sun exposure. However, doggo sunscreen is different than human sunscreen! Doggo sunscreen has to be zinc oxide-free! 

The company, My Dog Nose It, started off similarly to Go Bark Ball. The owner, Jill Stephens, noticed her dog getting spots and wanted to do something about it! On her website, , she says, "While out at the river, I noticed that my best buddy, Cody Joe, was starting to see some effects of the sun as well. His nose was becoming a lighter color and dark spots, like a freckle or sun spot, were also showing up. I showed my Veterinarian and he said it was all due to sun exposure and that I should be using some sort of sunscreen on him." 


Realizing there were far and few in between doggo products, she decided to make her own! Much like Madeline did with Go Bark Ball! 

There are lots of chemicals in sunscreen that can be extremely harmful for your BFF--namely zinc oxide! Initially starting off with a nose-protectant balm, the company has expanded to Body + Coat spray! 

Another neat thing about the company, is that they actually spell out the ingredients used, and explain why! 

Whatever product you decide to use on your floofer, make sure to have their skin protected from the sun's deadly rays! Our doggos are our worlds, and we should treat them like family. 

For more information about this company, visit their website at:

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