Do you ever wish you could take a vaccum to your dog because of the amount of hair they shed? While dog brushes can help groom your dog and keep their coats looking spiffy, dog hair removers are even better, at removing excess fur! They also benefit your dog by helping them keep cool when it gets warm outside (and your house and clothes won’t be covered in hair!!). Shedding can't be completely eliminated unless your dog is hypoallergenic and genetically does not shed, but we’ve done our research and have hooked you up with the canine journal website’s top 3 best tools to use when your furry friend gets a little too furry!


The Shedmonster by Oster is the number one choice for the best dog brush for shedding. Ranging between $10-$17 depending on length and thickness of your dog’s fur, this product has a majority of positive reviews, as well as claiming to remove up to 90% of excess fur. Its stainless steel teeth are curved to brush deeply into your dog’s coat and it’s no slip handle ensures an easy grip. Aside from not having a specific method of hair removal from the brush other than manually, it’s financially affordable compared to other competitive products and overall a successful product.


Pet owners are raving about the FurGOpet. It successfully removes your dog’s loose hair to decrease the amount of shedding. The Furgo Pet comes in two sizes for smaller doggos  under 20 pounds (and even cats) and one for larger breeds. Each brush comes in a designated color, either blue or yellow, and are valued at around $20. Like the shedmonster, the FurGOPet has great reviews for being a reliable brushes. Like the Shedmonster, it also claims to decrease shedding by 90%.


Shockingly, the  ALSO claims to reduce your dog’s shedding up to 90%. It comes in nine different sizes for short and long haired dogs and for all different sized breeds. Unlike the other two tools mentioned, the FURminator has a “FURejector” button which helps easily remove the hairs from the brush so you don’t have to manually clean it. However, this feature raises some brows at the costly price tag ranging from $12 all the way to a whopping $62.

Whichever is the best fit for you, your dog will surely thank you! Bark on!





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