OH NAIL! How to cut your Pup's nails without becoming the Enemy

OH NAIL... it's that time again... 


Cutting your dog’s nails can be scary if you don’t know the proper way to trim them! Proper nail grooming is super important to your dog’s health; when your dog’s nails get too long they can throw their feet out of alignment and disrupt their energy flow. But before you dive into the trimming process there are a few things you should know:

When you take a closer look to your pup's nails, you'll see that each nail has a vein in the center. If that vein were to be cut, it is very hard to stop the bleeding. This is why things can get very dangerous if you cut your dog’s nails without knowing what you are doing. Lucky for you we thew together our top tips to keeping your pooch’s tootsies sparkling!

How do I know that it's time for a trim?

If their nails are too long you will notice right off the bat that his/her nail curves into almost a “u” shape. Keep in mind that dog’s nails will naturally wear down on their own. This can be caused if your dog loves long walks on hard or rocky terrain.


French tip? No thanks.

It’s better for their nails to be short and blunt rather than narrow and pointy.


Dremel or Clippers? 

Although many pet stores promote at home nail clippers, using a dremel tool or a rotating file helps to reduce the risk of chopping your dog’s nails too short in the first go. Just be careful when using this method that the dremel doesn’t get too hot when pressed against the nail.


How short is too short? 

If you do choose the clippers, the first clip should never exceed more than two millimeters at most. Looking at the nail straight on after you trim, you may notice a darker circle in the center of the nail, and this should be your indication that you should stop clipping.

Blood! Not Blood!!

Uh oh, I clipped my puppers nails too short and now there is blood... a lot of blood. Don't worry, you are still an amazing fur-parent. Get over to the kitchen and mix together corn starch and water. Apply with a Q-tip from here. The mixture will help the wound clot! If you need to, add another layer after a minute. Need more help? Click here


Ahhh...Treat Time.

Lastly, your dog should always be rewarded for their bravery with a treat. Let them know what a gooooood boy and girl they were. In the future they will associate cutting nails = treat.


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