Countless stories repeat the genuine love and loyalty that dogs have for their owners. Art imitates life, so goes the saying. From novels like White Fang to films based on trues stories like Hachi, many platforms show that a dog's love is heart-wrenching, pure, and a true blessing. Hard-working professional doggos show their love daily; from sniffing out bombs, protecting their owners, working on the police force, and rescuing people who may die. Dogs live to please their humans!

Every morning you take your dog outside to do his/her business, and probably throw around the (Bark) ball, too. You might be just doing this to get in some exercise for your fur-ball before you have to go to work, class, meetings, etc. But don't forget the simple things your best friend craves: training helps reinforce focus and attention span; exercise helps their overall health, as well as the bond they have with you; and spending time together strengthens the love that ties you two together as a pack. You can actually see that bond that you have with your dog! It happens when he lights up when he sees you, or when she wags her tail when you walk in the door after a long day of work. 

Dogs like to use play to establish relationships!1 "Just" playing fetch isn't as simple as you may think it is. You might be trying to get the wiggles out of your dog before you head out to work; but to your dog, you're bonding and establishing a healthy relationship with one another. Be mindful of the attention you give your dog. Next time you are playing with your pup, stay outside for a few minutes longer, walk a little further, maybe even turn off your phone, and appreciate the loving bond you have with your best friend! 


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