"I truly believe that my family didn’t save Sophie, Sophie saved us."

Submitted 10/13/17

By Alexis Hetu, Go Bark Ball Intern

Growing up, I don’t think I can recall one point in my life where my family didn’t have a dog. We had breeds ranging from Rottweilers and Huskies all the way down to Malteses and Teacup Yorkies. Dogs have just always been a part of my life.

A few years ago, our Aussiepoo (australian shepherd/poodle) Lucy passed away unexpectedly due to a seizure. We found out after that where we had adopted her from inbreeds their dogs, and from this she developed a severe heart
deficiency that was undetectable until it was too late. I was heartbroken and for the first time in my life I would come home to a house without a four legged member.

After about a year had passed, I remember vividly a phone call I had with my mother. It was a cold, rainy December night and she sounded concerned. She told me that she was on her way home from work and that she stumbled upon something. 'I  will show you when I get home,' she said. 

Shortly after she came through the door I heard a few more than two footsteps pitter pattering down the hallway... Into my lap jumped a soaking wet, happy as could be, pitbull puppy. My mom explained to me she found her wandering around a nearby highway and we will take her in until the rain had passed. She made it very clear that this dog was not ours to keep and someone must be worried sick about her. For weeks we called local shelters, asked around the neighborhood she was found, and posted flyers about a lost dog but we never heard anything. I knew from the moment she came through the door this dog was ours.

She was my little Sophie. Two years later, she is without a doubt the happiest, sweetest, most SPOILED ROTTEN pitbull I have ever met. I call her my ray of sunshine because in one of the saddest times of my life she came in and turned my world upside down. I love her with all my heart and couldn’t imagine my life without her. It’s amazing how an animal can make such a big impact on your life, just as big as the one you have on theirs. I truly believe that my family didn’t save Sophie, Sophie saved us.



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