From Doggos, to Subwoofers, there are a lot of Puppers to keep track of!

Are you up to date on your canine vocabulary...?

First off, we have a doge. Also known as doggos. Doggo’s are good boys.

Fluffy doggos are also called floofs.

This is a sad floof.


Smol doggos are referred to as puppers.

Puppers are cute, we like puppers.


Big doggos are woofers.


All doggos bork.

Sometimes if a doggo’s bork is more of a quiet sound like a sqeak...


we call it a boof.

Boofs sound like a sneeze.


Doggos know commands like...



OH! That is a CATE! We have been Bamboozled.

And they know hoe to play ded.


This is a bloop:

Doggos bloop when they are hungry.


Bloops are not to be confused with a mlem.

This is mlem.


If doggos get tired, they’ll sploot:

 This is a corgi doggo taking a sploot.


Doggos love to swim.


This is a subwoofer.


Not to be confused with a seadog.


Or a mean seadoggo, do not provoke mean sea doggos. 


Bork On!





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  • SAY MY NAME 5 TIMES FAST!!!!!!!!!

    Jenna Tools
  • why can i relate to the subwoofer though…..

    Chris P. Bacon
  • Lol what is this helpful guide tho. 5 stars

    Tuwan Spicy

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