Every season, new trends arise and sometimes they involve your floofer! Let's make sure this new trend doesn't hurt your doggo... 

Using human hair dye on animals can be dangerous! Last November in 2017, a small pupper named Violet was brought in to Pinellas Animal Shelter needing medical services ASAP! The images can be saddening, so be warned! They were posted on Pinellas County Animal Services' Facebook page. 

Some hooman who hadn't done their research had exposed this puppo with human dyes, and its chemicals had done their worst! It took a long time for Violet to recover. 

But now, she's been adopted to a fur-ever home who will NEVER dye her fur again! 

Look how cute and healthy she looks now!

Unfortunately, not everybody knows about the dangers of hair dye on doggos and everybody should be educated on the risks! The toxins in hair dyes can cause a wide array of injuries to your canine BFF, and their bodies simply weren't made to endure these kinds of chemicals! 

Some veterinarians advise against even the supposedly safe and herbal dyes, while others say to just use caution when using these types of dyes. But is the reward worth the risk? 

Doggos are beautiful in their own fur and love us for how we look, so why can't we reciprocate that same love back to them? Their safety and concern should be our highest priority as good doggo parents. Instead of spending money on hair dyes, maybe buy doggo conditioner and give your dog's fur the love it deserves! 

If you're thinking about dying your dog for an annual festivity, think twice about it and call your local veterinarian for advice!

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