BarkOWeenie: The contestants 

Punniest Costume: Dellathedoxie
Della got creative this year and brought out the pun humor! This costume is called "Fork in the Road"... and she is quite literally a fork in the road. 







Best Costume Series: @JBtheGolden and @Teddyrexwestie

JB and Teddy Rex are the two best brothers in the world. When they aren't sharing their Bark Ball, they are getting ready for Halloween with MULTIPLE costume changes. Halloween isn't just one night any more folks, and these two have come prepared. 


Best Reenactment: @Balootheclutz

Balloo really captures the Wolf character of Little Red Riding Hood... actually so well we are convinced he has a career awaiting him in Hollywood. 

"Oh Grandmother, what big ears you have..." 



Most Out of this World Costume: @livingthebobalife 

Boba and Rocky have out heads in a knot- How did they do this?? We are super impressed! This is scene is hand down, out of this world!!






Scariest Costume: @littlemisslyla

Uhhh, Lyla.... look out I think there is a clown on the loose!! I don't know about you, but we don't trust that balloon... and we are a little concerned for little Lyla. 





Our Pick from Around the World: @littledogeluna

Did someone say sushi?? Luna Dodge is out top pick for costumes from around the world! 



Cutest First Costume: @abbyd_ko_thedog

It's Abby's first Halloween so she obviously went with a classic! Maybe we will save the skeleton for next year when you are a little bigger!!




Best in Show: @mollue_shane

Everyone secretly loves a bad dog... This pup is locked up and labeled a "Treat Thief". We still love you Mollie!














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