Daily Dog Co. was founded by Kelsey Regan in Tampa, Florida! Her and her dog, Chloe run this small business, providing cute and affordable bandanas for your doggo! 

If you would like to follow Chloe or the Daily Dog Company on instagram, their handles are: 

The support from her Daily Dog family has helped a TON, and she has friends from all other countries! Ms. Regan said that she gets so much love regarding her dog Chloe, and this love and support is super rewarding.

Kelsey started her journey after graduating from the University of Tampa, concentrating in Public Relations and minoring in Business Administration. Kelsey interned with five different companies during her studies and they all taught her different aspects of business. Yet, starting her own small-company was a challenge all on its own!

Being crafty and DIY-minded, Kelsey gained inspiration from her dog Chloe.

"I didn't realize how much she has impacted my life, but it seemed only right to start a business from such a large passion and love of mine," Kelsey Regan explained.

In the future when her company grows and she has the bandwidth for donations, she hopes to contribute in that way. She is currently planning on working with local charities to do fundraisers as a stepping-stone. 

"I plan to do a lot of expanding within the next year! I want to start with dog tags, leashes, and doggy bags," she says. 

Chloe has even made it to our Go Bark Ball's Instagram, and Kelsey says that teaming up with other local/small-businesses is super important to her. 

People worldwide love her cute bandanas, and her customers are super important to her! 

"Customer satisfaction is my top priority," Regan says. "You only get one first impression and I want it to be a one a positive one. It's very rewarding knowing I can make others excited about my bandanas as much as I am." 

I asked her what the hardest part about having a small business is. Kelsey told me that competition is the hardest, because there are so many other doggo brands in the mix. 

Chloe's favorite bandana is "Pinky Promise," and she looks absolutely adorable in it! The bandanas actually have buttons attached for easy application. She might even get a sister one day once Kelsey buys a house with a yard. 

Daily Dog Company uses non-toxic dyes in their products, and the well being of their "Daily Dogs" is a top priority! 

Chloe also loves her Barkball, "She loves to grind her teeth on the rubber because it's so durable. We are so supportive of Maddie and her business and growth, and hope nothing but success for Go Bark Ball!" 

If you would like to check out Kelsey Regan's company website and purchase a bandana for one of your doggos, visit it at: https://www.dailydogcompany.com 

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