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"I met April in July during the summer of my sophomore year of high school. I instantly fell for her. She fit in the palm of my hand, and her fur took up 80% of her body mass!! I loved how dependent she was for us, and she really helped me feel a sense of responsibility. We meant everything to her, and I'd soon discover that she would mean everything to me.

April would love to run around in our yard at our old house and just get dirtied up. I took her on an adventure once and chased a jogger down the street for at least half a freaking mile!!! Now when we go out, it's only late at night when people aren't around. I could put her on a leash, but when I tried, she refused to move. She's spoiled rotten, it's bad.

She can make me do whatever she wants! If she wants to go outside, she'll pant around me. If she's hungry, she'll stare at me until I feed her. She's too smart for her own good, and it kind of scares me sometimes. It also makes me wonder who's really in charge here... 

Beyond all that, she somehow seems to know how I'm really feeling. When I'm feeling low, April will come and stay by my side. Most nights, she sleeps on the lower half of the bed by my feet. If it's a night when I'm "falling," however, she will snuggle up next to me.

I call them "fallings," because it feels like I'm falling into this endless dark pit, where all emotions are stripped except sadness. But April isn't sad. April is always there for me, showering me with affection. And I am so thankful for her.
    Even if everything else in my life goes wrong, this moment of affection with her is all I need to feel sane again. I love her and she makes me feel so happy! There's nothing about her I would change." 

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