"50% Amazing, 50% Wonderful, and 100% Necessary in My Life" -Anonymous

Submitted 6/27/17 By: Anonymous 

I think it's funny when people refer to adopting a shelter dog as a rescue, like it's something heroic that the human did. From my experience, it is quite the contrary, my dog has rescued me more times than I can even remember.  No matter what situation I am in, he is always there for me, always happy to see me and full of nothing but love. 

I got Peter when I was a sophomore in college, young dumb and in desperate need of something stable in my life. From the minute I saw him in the humane society, I knew there was a special connection and that this dog was going to change my life for the better.

I felt on top of the world with this beautiful and smart puppy. He was smart and loyal. Not to mention, he was the highlight of my social life: every girl I met flocked to Peter and would start the conversation around him. Which worked for me because Peter was the only thing I wanted to talk about.

I didn't understand how much Peter really meant to me until things got tough. When my world flipped upside down, Peter loved and adored me unconditionally. When I was depressed beyond despair, Peter would get me out of bed to feed and walk him. When I needed support, he would lay by my side, cuddle me, and lick my tears away. Peter helped me get through my first, very real, road bump in life.

After college, Peter helped me transition into adulthood. My friends were all leaving for bigger and better opportunities, while I was left jobless. Why would anyone believe in me, enough to hire me, when I didn't even believe in myself? I knew I had to be better for Peter. He needed a better life and a better version of his owner.  Whenever I came home, he was so incredibly happy to see me and be with me, it made me feel like I was worth something. I knew I had to change.

I began to job hunt. I began to get job offers. However, I knew when I accepted a job offer I would have to be away from Peter for 40 hrs a week. I began to lean on my parents for support. Peter now has grandparents that love and spoil him. I can go to work, be productive, and get home to see my best friend happy. He is the reason I get up every morning and the reason I get through the day.

I love when people ask me what breed Peter is and I have to explain I'm not exactly sure, I have to tell them he is a rescue dog, but little do they know that he truly has rescued me more than I have ever done for him. If I had to guess his breed, I'd say he's 50 percent amazing, 50 percent wonderful and 100 percent necessary in my life.

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