According to Learning English, the top 10 most-visited cities in the USA are:

1. NYC, NY                     5. Seattle, WA                   9. Palm Springs, CA

2. Chicago, IL                 6. San Fransisco, CA        10. San Diego, CA

3. Charleston, SC           7. Washington, D.C.

4. Las Vegas, NV            8. New Orleans, LA

Sure, an interesting fact, but what's that have to do with your doggo? You might have heard of websites, such as Bring Fido, when looking for a place that will be accepting of your canine buddy? A great resource, and you should definitely use it. However, we're about to go IN about about canine-friendly hotels and activities for 5 of these popular US cities. Let's go! 

1. NYC, New York 

Arguably the most popular city in the United States, NYC is one that is full of activities and excitement! From great food like NY pizza, to Central Park, NYC is a city that needs to be on your bucket list! 


Ink 48 Hotel in NYC accepts both big and small doggos, up to two pets, with no additional pet fee. Element New York Times Square West, also withholds a pet fee, but only accepts small dogs. The Benjamin also has good reviews, with one commenter saying, "The staff was very friendly and helped me find places in New York that allowed dogs." 


Some restaurants that are accepting to your furry friend include: Barking Dog Luncheonette, d.b.a., Cornelia Street Café, and the Barking Dog. 

2. Chicago, Illinois 

When you hear "Chicago," you definitely think: FOOD! This classic city is full of entertaining things for both you and your BFF to explore! 


The Sheraton Grand Chicago, Hotel Palomar Chicago, and Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago all accept up to 2 pets, including big doggos, with no fee! 


Some yummy restaurants that accept your furry friend include: Smoke Daddy, Dugan's, Lizzy McNeil's Irish Pub, Big Star, and Harry Caray's Yavern Navy Pier! 


3. New Orleans, Louisiana 

Laissez les bon temps rouler - Let the good times roll! This historic city, known for its wild times, is an ancient gem of America. Full of delicious Cajun seafood, and sweet beignets, it's real easy to take it easy in the--Big Easy


Creole Gardens Guesthouse and Inn allows big dogs, and up to two dogs total, but they do have a pet fee. Sheraton New Orleans Hotel also allows big doggos to stay, with no pet fee, up to 2 pets. 


Some restaurants include Lucy's--which has a very friendly staff, and their very own dog menu for your doggo to find the tastiest lunch! The Joint, another dog-friendly eatery, has very unique artwork, tasty BBQ, and a relaxed atmosphere! Café Amelie is another fan-favorite restaurant that allows Fido to come along for brunch! At Coyote Ugly, a certain Saint Bernard has become a local favorite! 


4. Palm Springs, California 

California makes you think of mountainous views, a hot breeze, and pool side relaxation! On your next getaway to Palm Springs, bring your doggo, and have some fun!! 


Although California is more uppity when it comes to bringing your pet, there's some places in Palm Springs that allow it. The Caliente Tropics Resort allows you to bring a big doggo, but there is a pet fee. The Musicland Hotel allows big doggos to join you with no additional pet fee. 


Some restaurants that allow you to bring your BFF include Copley's on Palm Canyon, Spencer's, Smokin Burgers, and Bongo Johnny's Patio Bar and Grille! 

5. Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States of America! When's the last time you visited the Washington monument, or said "Hi" to giant Abraham Lincoln?


Hotel RL Washington DC allows big dogs, up to 2 pets, with a pet fee. The River Inn, Kimpton Rouge Hotel, and The Carlyle also allow big doggos to share your bed, but do not charge you extra for it! 


Some dog-friendly restaurants in our nation's capital include: Peacock Café, Café Saint-Ex, DC Reynolds, and Scion Restaurant! 

Before you immediately book your reservation, make sure that the company's rules haven't changed, and your BFF is still allowed to cuddle with you at the hotel! Always do your own research before dropping the cash, but still, we hope you have a great time wherever your adventures take you! 

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