Have you just ever looked at your doggo and thought, "Are you actually a real person in a dog's body?" No?? Well, us neither! ;) Yet, you have to admit that dogs are some of the derpiest, cutest, and funniest beings on the planet! Sometimes you just need a few derpy doggo memes to get the day rolling! Everybody loves a good ol' fashioned doggo meme, so how about 12? 12 Times Your Derpy Dog Was Totally Relatable: 

1. When you're just having that kind of day....
2. When you get inside your head and start overthinking
3. The hangry monster inside of you is a real problem
4. *Ignores responsibilities, and ends up making things worse* 
5. I was just taking a break... 
6. Ok but that juicy gos-gossip about Fido and Stella at the dog park was crazy!!! 
7. Anything with eight legs and eight eyes would scare anybody, Doggo.
8. "I'm not a picky eater, I swear. I'll take water." *10 minutes later*: 
9. When you've taken enough of someone's nonsense for one day
10. We all know that one person...
11. Regina George's voice: "Is butter a carb?" 
12. Regina George's voice: "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries." 

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