One everybody is finished defrosting from Winter's chill and the air is full of Springtime, there's lots of things to do with your doggo! Wanting to spend some quality time with your pupper (besides cuddles by the fireplace)? Look no further! 

1. Doggie Paddle

Does swimming seem totally absurd to you because you know the water is probably still cold, even though the weather feels nice and warm? There's a 99.99% chance that your doggo will LOVE to take a swim at your local dog beach, or any dog-friendly river or stream nearby! Watch them splash around and do the famous doggie paddle! Plus, you'll get them all worn out so they'll be nice and tired by the time you get home! 

2. Camping

Throw a tent in your car, grab the dog food, and go on a quick camping trip with your furry friend! Not only is spending time in nature good for the soul and mind, it allows you to put your phone down and spend some quality time with your canine blessing! Check out dog-friendly campsites (or cabins) near you! 

3. Get your Fit On with Fido

Throw on some roller blade and let your doggo take you for a spin! If that seems too catastrophic for you, tie up your tennis shoes and go for a jog with your dog! There are probably some hiking spots near you, so make sure to check those out as well! New smells will be a breath of fresh air for your floofer, and being outdoors really lets out her inner wolf and his inner puppy! 

4. Obstacle Course 

Don't let doggie playgrounds be an obstacle for you! After all, this is all about being outside and having fun! Make your own obstacle course using spare things you have in the garage--have old Amazon boxes? Use those scraps! Make a fort using towels! Set up hula hoops for your pupper to jump through! You're only as limited as you allow your imagination to be! Even use old clothes you're throwing out for Spring Cleaning as a new tug-of-war toy with Fido! 

5. Spring Festivals 

Depending on where you are, your local area might host dog-friendly spring festivals! These fun and dog-friendly events are excellent ways for your doggo to meet new friends and stretch their legs after the cold winter nights! 

6. Dog Parks

Maybe the most obvious option, was the one that hadn't even crossed your mind! Dog parks tend to be free, and these are fun places for your dog to experience off-the-leash freedom with other canine companions! Watch your cutie pie zoom across the park after a Bark Ball you just threw, accompanied with a pack of dogs! Isn't letting loose so much fun? How can you NOT smile at their little tongues flopping around as they sprint from here to there?

7. Go out on a Doggie Date! 

Whether the date just contains you and your pupper, or it's a double date, it'll be a fun time! Look up your local dog-friendly restaurants and go get some food! Eat outside as a bonus to experience the newly-found spring weather! 

8. Photo Shoots! 

Dogs are possibly the most photogenic beings on this planet (and the derpiest!) Taking their photos can be surprisingly fun, and possibly even an unexpected workout! Grab your cellphone or camera and start snapping! Not only are you cherishing memories on a tangible photograph, but you're giving your pupper lots of attention! Plus, who doesn't love to show off their precious puppy-dog? You can do this from home, but going out into nature would be a nice change of scenery! Nature is not only rewarding to you and your dog, but it is also very beautiful, too! Pro tip: bring some treats to encourage your doggo to look at the camera! 

9. Drive Slow

As Kanye West says, "Pump your brakes and drive slow, Homie. Live today cause tomorrow man, you never know." Almost every pupper loves car rides, so roll the windows down and go for a drive around with your pupper in the back seat. This simple experience is enjoyable and virtually free! Driving can help clear the mind, and your doggo will be sure to love the feeling of wind blowing! Don't forget to make sure your pupper is nice and secure, though! 

10. Sprinkler Party! 

After all the excitement from the things you and your pupper do today, they might be dirty! Lay out the sprinklers, turn on the hose, and get to washing! Make it fun, so don't hesitate to splash around, as well! After all, you only live once (plus dirt washes off!) Happy Spring! 

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