Hi Dog Lovers! Spring is a time to "spring forward", "spring clean", and simply spring into action! However, there's some "springs" you need to know before springing into action! Okay, enough puns for now.


1. Be careful jumping into action with your doggo just because the spring weather has bloomed. I'm talking about exercise! Have you ever heard of the term, "Weekend Warrior Syndrome?" Weekend Warrior Syndrome happens when you overwork your body after a long break from exercise. This happens when you haven't exercised all week, but decide to jump into action, full force, on the weekends. The same thing can happen to your doggo after a long winter of not being extremely active. So, take it slow when starting up on their favorite activities! 

2. Be careful with your holiday candies! Many people celebrate Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and Easter! Make sure to be watchful of your dog, as chocolates are harmful to your canine companion(s)! 

3. Allergies are the worst!!! Like humans, dogs are not immune to seasonal allergies. Common triggers to your doggo include pollen, dust, and mold! If you suspect your doggo has caught the sniffles (or rashes), make sure to book an appointment with your local veterinarian! 

4. April showers bring May flowers! If introducing a flower bouquet to your household, make sure to avoid lilies! According to PetMD, lilies are extremely toxic to all pets! If lilies are nonnegotiable for some reason, just make sure to not let your animals near them! 

5. Springtime means warmer weather! Make sure that whenever you take your pet anywhere, to bring plenty of water for them! Overheating is lethal to your pets, and NEVER leave them unattended in a parked car! 

6. Make sure to keep your doggos up-to-date on their flea and heart-worm medicine! Nothing is worse than a bug infestation! Yuck! 

7. Spring cleaning is a MUST when this warm weather comes around, right? Maybe for you, but make sure to keep your pets OUT OF THE AREA you're cleaning inside, as the chemicals in the products can be extremely harmful to them! 

8. UV rays are deadly to animals, as well, especially the ones with lighter coats and pale skin! Make sure to limit sun exposure, so they aren't affected by skin cancer or hot spots! Try covering them up, or using canine-specific sunscreen that DOES NOT contain zinc oxide (very harmful!) 

9. Love is in the air, and we don't mean our February Bark Ball giveaway! Spring is the most common time for animals to try to make, so make sure your doggo is spayed or neutered! 

10. Your doggo isn't the only one who's out and about this spring! All the wild animals that were hibernating are also back into the world! Make sure to not leave your doggo unattended, especially if they're a smaller breed, since these wild animals are on the hunt for food! Be careful! 





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